Extended Warranty

ДThe extended warranty is a continuation of the manufacturer's main limited warranty and comes into force after the expiry date of the primary warranty. During the extended warranty period, the manufacturer`s definition for factory defect applies. The repairs are carried out with original spare parts by qualified specialists in the STEMO service center.


An extended warranty can be purchased if the following product conditions are met:

  • STEMO is the brand's official authorized service center
  • Not remarked (second-hand)
  • Original warranty is not less than 1 year
  • Original warranty in not expired or interrupted
  • The total warranty period (original + extended) is not more than 5 years.


The Extended Warranty does NOT include:

  • Consumables replacement - batteries, rollers, spotlights, and more
  • repair of mechanically damaged parts
  • troubleshooting caused by improper operation
  • damages caused by natural disasters
  • data recovery, operating systems, driver installation, and BIOS and firmware update
  • remote monitoring and prophylaxis


Extended warranty can be purchased by sending a request to support@stеmо.bg. Please attach the purchase documentation – an invoice or a receipt, as well as a warranty card.

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