About the Software House

Engineering your thoughts


 Engineering your thoughts


The Software House of STEMO was founded in 1993. It is an important unit of the company structure. The team of the STEMO Software House consists of highly-qualified professionals with long experience in development and implementation of software solutions: consultants, business analysts, programmers, administrators and developers, quality assurance and support specialists, project managers etc.

The activities of the Software House include all elements required for producing quality software products, meeting the customers’ needs, including: research, analysis, demand identification, planning, design, testing, implementation, training and support.

The products of the STEMO’s Software House are built upon the latest development technologies such as: Microsoft .NET, Java EE, Delphi, Mobile (Android), Web (JavaScript, Angular JS, HTML, CSS). They are distinguished for their high productivity, flexibility, adaptability, intuitive user interface, capacity for updating and development, and cover a wide range of problems related to optimization and management of information.



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