Project Management

The qualified leadership is a key to the success for every project. With the right project manager, your team will reach the results you need, while complying the efficiency and performance targets set.

Ensure your team with experienced project managers, team leaders, so as technical managers from STEMO. Our consultants provide you with the planning, coordination, communication and the vision, which can incorporate the skills, talent and recourses into a productive and successful team.

The project management methodology of Stemo defines a set of tasks and processes, aimed at achieving one or multiple particular objectives. Each project features the following characteristics:

  • Defining the specific objectives and desired results of the project
  • Defining the approval process
  • Identifying stakeholders and employees concerned
  • Assessment of the necessary costs, resources and defining milestones
  • Preparing the project plan
  • Implementation and ongoing update of the plan in the implementation process
  • Continuous and consistent engagement with the client

The project includes specific management processes:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Expenses
  • Communication
  • Quality
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Assessment

STEMO pays special attention to the effective project planning, as the IT projects could be quite dependent on the realization timing, budget constraints and possible changes. In addition to the obvious requirement to provide adequate resources for the project, STEMO pays particular attention to the processes of risk and change management. The both processes are of crucial importance for the successful outcome.

The risk management starts at the beginning of the project with risk identification and overall estimation. The risk assessment includes a risk description, so as an assessment of the probability of a risk to become a problem and the possible impact of such an event. A key to the process of risk assessment is the preparation of a plan to neutralize the risk and determining the person responsible for implementing the plan specifically for each risk. The overall plan for the project risk management is reviewed by the project manager at STEMO in a close coordination with the client's project manager. The discussions on the risk management plan are a regular topic of all the scheduled meetings for review status of the project, as well as the project fulfillment reports.

Concerning the different “levels” of project management, the project managers from STEMO can manage both main level of an organization and sub-projects of the main project, when a manager for each sub-level is required. Usually, the sub-project scope is limited to a single application within the corporate solution. For example, in the implementation of ERP, individual projects could be defined for each major module of the application.

Our long-term experience in project realization, some of them with high complexity and certification requirements, give our customers confidence in the high quality of the project management services, we offer.

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