Power Protection

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

The UPS devices we offer are designed to deliver high-quality backup power for a wide range of devices used in the field of information technology - from computers and home appliances to large data centers.



APC Data Center UPS 

UPS for data centers

Find the right UPS device providing clean, uninterrupted power and scalable runtime for large data centers, help systems, electrical infrastructure and other critical IT systems. 3-phase UPS backup corresponding to today's energy challenges - standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions.





APC Smart UPS 

UPS for network devices and servers

Specialized UPS devices for energy-efficient power protection for servers from entry level to high-performance, in small and medium-sized data centers, storage systems, business network systems, IT facilities and infrastructure.





Eaton Ellipse Pro UPS

UPS for computers, workstations and home AV systems

Choose the best for you UPS device providing protection from power loss and surges, intended for use with PCs, workstations, computer peripherals or as alternate supply of domestic servers and networks, gaming and AV systems.




 Eaton PDU

Power distribution (PDU)

A full range of solutions and devices for electric power distribution.




 Eaton Protection Box

Surge suppressors

Devices for surge protection are the safest and most reliable available devices to protect your equipment.

Eaton REC POD 

Racks and enclosures

Racks and enclosures that allow storage, cooling, power management and protection of your important IT equipment.

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